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Cryptocurrency group with short and long term picks, both fundamental and technical analysis, and an active, helpful and fun community.

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Welcome to the Dark Side… We spend countless hours curating the most critical information, finding the best opportunities, and generating high quality content, all so our members can trade with confidence. We have a free public group, and premium groups with exclusive content.

Vader by day, trader by night. Sleep is a luxury, when you have a Death Star to build.

I have spent the better part of the last year performing extraordinarily detailed Technical Analyses (TA) and Fundamental Analyses (FA) so I can effectively trade in the cryptocurrency markets. Several months ago, I began sharing my research with Twitter and my public groups. I’ve since cultivated a reputation for making incredible calls, producing more comedy than today’s White House, and most importantly, having unrivaled integrity. We grew rapidly to over 4 thousands followers in a couple months, all of which was organic, due to profitable picks and calls I have made. Making money is great, especially when we can do it together and have fun in the process. After an unfathomable number of requests to offer a more intimate group and exclusive content, I’ve decided to share my knowledge with you. Seriously, you guys wouldn’t shut the hell up about it! So here we are!


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If you don’t join premium, you’re an idiot.

nobigdealPremium Member

Super charting and excellent calls Darth, can’t for the life of me see why you don’t get more credence for your first rate contributions to the crypto community compared to certain others

Ghost_Lead_éireTweeterSandrew Inc.

Definitely one of the best, if not best, groups around. Lord Vader is funny, truly cares about his followers and will be real with you. Public info is great and premium is even better if you want to get serious. Lots of educational material and valuable info in the premium chats. If you think about it, premium is basically free because Lord Vader has accurate predictions.

blandroverPremium Member

LOL! I love your Tom Cruise hashtags! Once I finally understood , the market just became so much clearer to me! Like” Buy LOW, Sell HIGH” simple!


The force is strong with this one. You make me laugh! Impressive calls all round.


This is my second paid group and this one is the best buy miles and miles… I have only been a member for a couple weeks but it paid itself in the first few days. There is a will to connect with its members greater than anywhere else I have been. But in all seriousness, that dude need to sleep more. I think he’s looking out for him and us 24/7.

HubertPremium Member

I’ve learned a lot from and haven’t given him a single dime.


I have been a part of four different paid groups so far. Lord Vader is not only the cheapest but by far the best. He is always providing updates to the premium members and really takes his time to answer every question thoroughly. Not only are his charts always accurate but the education he provides you while showing you his charts is amazing. I made my premium membership cost back in my first day alone.

Sky110Premium Member

Your analysis are always on point


Here is a list of things we can do for you


We curate the most helpful information there is, and do the research needed to identify potentially profitable opportunities. Our write-ups can range from picking the top crypto projects, to teaching our members how to be an effective trader. You can expect at least 1 newsletter a month, but we often have more than that.


Our Discord group has numerous channels dedicated to chat, file sharing, breakout alerts, and training tools and info. We have Random Chat so you can communicate freely and post pictures of boobs (yea, I said it). Have fun and say whatever the hell you want, we don’t have thought police in TFC. Then we have Crypto Chat for market talk, so your TFC brothers and sisters can share their knowledge as well.

Long & Short Term Plays

With my expertise and the help of a few other very talented and seasoned traders and friends in the space, we’re able to find trades that align with short, medium, or long term needs. Our TA and FA is crucial in identifying those hidden gems that can result in 2X, 5X, or even 10X gains.

News Feed

With so much white noise going on in the crypto space and in the financial world that controls its every move, it’s hard to filter the crap and drill down to what’s important. We use custom filters to aggregate all of the important information in our space, weeding out the FUD and non-stories that many others take issue with, and we import that info directly to the group.

Educational Resources

Seasoned traders say the best teacher is failure, but the worst feeling in trading is losing your hard earned money. We aim to combine the best of both worlds, detailing faults in our process as early traders and to help promote knowledge in areas that will most definitely help those seeking it. Risk management, portfolio diversification, technical analysis, are all topics we cover intently.

Access to Vader and Voice Chat

The biggest feature that sets us apart from the competition, is access to me. our members can reach me at all hours in our chat groups, and I love to join the voice chat to have one on one discussions. We talk about crypto projects and profitable opportunities, trading concepts, and we discuss topics that people want to learn, and we often do so on a daily basis, and for hours on end.

Follow me on Twitter, send me an email, or join us on Discord.